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Marialex Beech
Marialex Beech
20:11 20 Apr 18
Inson is a very special designer who takes the time to get to know his clients before he dwelves into design. I loved, loved his work before I hired him so spending time with him was important; I wanted him to get to know my own aesthetic. His work is stunning, complex, layered, sophisticated, innovative, and accessible. He can travel through centuries in one space and make it all work. I’ve never seen anything like it except in museums. I cannot recommend him enough. He’s changed our lives. Not because he layered his vision over ours but because he made us see our home as a place where every corner could please the eye and nurture the soul.
Eric E
Eric E
21:36 20 Apr 18
I have worked with Inson since 2001 when he helped me on my project in New York City. I then hired him for a house in Hollywood Hills. Most recently he helped me with my home in Nice, France. I have recommended him and would do so again. He has incredible sources who deliver quality product at a reasonable price. World class and has always stayed within my budget requirement.
David Noah
David Noah
14:34 27 Nov 17
Remarkable transformation of our townhouse - from start to finish and top to bottom. We hired Inson for his superior design aesthetic and he managed the project by overseeing all elements of design, bidding, contracting, permitting - every detail from big to small. Inson and his team took on full responsibility and ensured that all elements work together in a logical and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Inson demonstrated substantial flexibility in catering to our specific needs, budget and timetable. He made available resources that we would not have otherwise have had access to. While we hired Inson for his specific design capabilities, we came to rely on him for his creativity and solution orientation. We also have come to think of him as a good friend as he has been a pleasure to work with.
Todd Street
Todd Street
22:00 26 Apr 18
Let Inson take you on the design adventure of your life. If you' looking for sophisticated, contemporary, transitional or eclectic elegance, let him have at it! After three projects, from the suburbs to the hamptons to the city, Inson has created inspiring projects, intrinsic to each locale. Inson is a curator of affordable artisans, exotic collectables and emerging artists to integrate with existing pieces. An eye and sensibility that allows his clients to trust they are in the right hands at any budget.
20:58 01 Dec 17
What a stunning transformation of my upper west side condo! Inson was able to grasp my idea of an ideal living space for me even without me articulating them clearly to him. A pleasure to have around, his professionalism is impeccable. He is readily available to discuss details of the project and explain the pros and cons of any particular aspect of his design ideas. Can't imagine anyone being less than overjoyed with his work.
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