Inson Dubois Wood Interiors

The first monograph on the interior design work of the New York–based architect and an essential resource for those seeking to create luxurious modernist spaces. Inson Wood is renowned for designing elegant interiors with richness, texture, and impeccable proportions. A masterful use of architectural elements in the way he treats and defines space has been a hallmark of his aesthetic since graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Wood’s subtle tonality, with colorful accents, creates sophisticated rooms that are equally inviting and perfect for a modern family lifestyle. With roots in the United States, Thailand, and France, Wood’s cosmopolitan perspective incorporates diverse antiques and modern furniture to create interiors that are luxuriously comfortable. Lavishly illustrated, Wood’s first monograph profiles a sumptuous range of the designer’s work, from the opulent Waterfall Mansion in New York to a family-oriented home in Greenwich and a charming villa in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera. Offering a wealth of original design ideas, Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors is an essential addition to any respectable library of interior design.


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“It is meant to show how many influences Wood can bring together in one room, and it does so. . . . Inson Dubois Wood interiors, even ones that are nominally minimalist, are planned with care and executed with elan.”

“By the time architectural and interior designer Inson Dubois Wood struck out on his own, he had a wealth of experience under his belt. He had worked with two legendary talents—first Juan Pablo Molyneux, then David Easton—and studied at both Cornell’s School of Architecture and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. “Today, my diverse background and global perspective influence my firm’s approach to design,” writes Wood in his first monograph, Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors (Rizzoli, $55). It’s Wood’s eclectic aesthetic that caught the design world’s attention.”
—Architectural Digest

“Wood creates spaces of astonishing interest no matter the region, time period or aesthetic he has been hired to produce.”
—French Style 

Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors (Rizzoli, 2016) by Inson Dubois Wood with photography by Mark Roskams is Wood’s guide to helping others discover and refine their design identity.”
Cottages & Gardens

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this book.  The eclectic mix, with so many beautifully color coordinated textiles, accessories, and furnishings is stunning.”
Splendid Sass Blog

“I was really taken by the diversity of projects in Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors. His work really does chameleon from project to project while still carefully curating and crafting yet adding an unexpected touch.”

Let me just say that this book is beautifully executed. This large coffee table size book has a  cover photo that is gorgeous enough, but I always appreciate what might be under the cover. ”

“There’s something slightly mysterious about Inson Dubois Wood: Interiors (Rizzoli). That applies to both the man — the principal of his own design firm, who is not pictured anywhere in the book — and the rooms lavishly documented within.”


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